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Dr. Murat Küçüktaş

Birthplace / Date: Istanbul / 1980

Foreign Language: English

Associations he is a member of: Skin and Venereology Association, Turkish Dermatology Association, Istanbul Medical Chamber, Turkish Medical Association.


Specialization: Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dermatology

University: Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine High School: Mersin Atatürk High School

Primary and Secondary Education: Istanbul Hürriyet Primary School, Istanbul Kuleli Primary School, Adıyaman Tut Merkez Primary School

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can hair transplantation be done at any age?
    If the person does not have any systemic disease that would prevent the operation, hair transplantation can be performed on anyone between the ages of 18-75.
    Can hair transplantation be applied to women?
    If female patients have a hair disease that causes permanent hair thinning, hair transplantation can be performed after a hair analysis called trichogram.
    What are the main factors affecting the success of hair transplantation?
    Age: Degree of thinning and lightness in the scalp. Hair density in the area to be harvested for hair transplantation.
    How many follicles (grafts) can be transplanted in one hair transplantation session?
    This number varies depending on the hair density in the area where the hair will be taken. Especially for those with sparse hair in the nape area, nearly 2000 grafts (approximately 4500 hair strands) were removed; In people with a very strong nape area, this number reaches 4500 grafts (approximately 10,000 hairs).
    How many sessions of hair transplantation can be performed on one person using the FUE technique?
    Although it varies depending on the hair density in the person's nape area, hair transplantation can be performed in 3 sessions or even 4 sessions.
    How much time should pass between sessions?
    In order to transplant the second area that has not been transplanted before, a period of at least 6 months must pass between sessions. A period of at least 1 year must pass for a second session in the area where the planting was previously performed.
    Will there be a decrease in hair on the nape of the neck after hair transplantation?
    In procedures performed with the appropriate technique and by an experienced team, no disturbing appearance or thinning is observed in the nape area.
    How many grafts (roots) can be transplanted per square centimeter on average?
    A healthy person with no hair loss has an average of 50 hair follicles in 1 cm2. During hair transplantation, 30-35 hair follicles (60-80 hair strands) can be transplanted per square centimeter.
    Is there pain or suffering during hair transplantation?
    Hair transplantation is performed with regional anesthesia, which we call local anesthesia. During local anesthesia, there is a slight burning sensation due to the anesthetic drugs. Apart from this, there is no pain or ache.
    How long should a person coming from a different city for hair transplantation be kept under control?
    It is sufficient for the person to stay only 3 days for the procedure and post-operative checks (for example, a patient who has the operation on Monday can leave the city on Wednesday afternoon).
    When is the first check after the procedure?
    On the first day after hair transplantation, your check-up is done by our specialist doctor. The transplanted hair follicles are checked. The roots are nourished with specially prepared serum and dressing is done. The person is reminded of issues that need attention.
    How to do the first wash after hair transplantation?
    The first washing process is done practically in our clinic. If the instructions are true, the washing process can be continued at home once a day for 2 weeks.
    When does the transplanted hair start to grow?
    Approximately 1 month after hair transplantation, 40-70% of the transplanted hair begins to fall out. Then, these lost hairs start to grow again within 2-3 months. Within 6-10 months, the majority of the transplanted hair will grow back.
    Is there an alternative technique other than the Fue technique in hair transplantation?
    Currently, there is no new method in hair transplantation around the world other than the FUE technique. However, studies on stem cell therapy for the coming years continue.
    Dr. Murat Küçüktaş
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